"I want oh so badly to
tear open the soft
pale flesh that is
my wrist.
I want oh so badly to
down the bottle
of pretty pink pills
that are supposed
to help me.
I want oh so badly to
jump in front of
that speeding car
coming my way.
But oh god
this is the worst
of them all.
I want oh so badly
to be in your arms.
Yet being in your arms
would be the
equivalent of
slitting my wrists
overdosing on pills
jumping in front of that car.
Even though your arms
won’t kill me
they will leave me
wishing they had.
And that darling
is why they say
that love
is similar
to death.
Because even though
you are still
your mind is
and your soul is
And your heart
is simply

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"Wanna know the fucking truth? Nobody is fucking happy. Nobody has skin made from oil paint and sunlight. Nobody fucking understands this world. Fuck, nobody probably understands math as much as they claim. You’re here one day and the next you’re not. God? Religion? I’ve learned a lot more about the world by eating acid and swallowing pills. Tell me what your church has done for you? Tell me if you have holes in your mouth from speaking lies? Wanna know the fucking truth? Pity is just another word for pathetic. Drink beer and watch the sunrise from every rooftop. Take photographs naked. Take photographs kissing. Take photographs having sex. Stop making everything about sexuality. Wanna know the fucking truth? Nobody really gives a damn if you lost your virginity at fourteen or if you were the president in high school. Wanna know the fucking truth? There is no such thing as the right person. People leave. They change like ocean currents, they leave you with bruises in your calves. And you wanna know the fucking truth? You get better. You learn to love. You find God in between the cracks of a wall when you’re puking your limbs out. You wanna know the fucking truth? Go find it."

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that’s it that’s the whole story

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IPad tumblr isn’t bad, mobile tumblr sucks and I hate it😅also, its freezing in Starbucks right now


trying to sleep during the summer


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so, like, a horror game where the only light in the entire game is from the protagonist’s light up sneakers

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"I wish it was as easy to fall out of love as it is to fall in love."

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this show gives no fucks

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"You were the hardest lesson I ever had to learn."

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"I still get sad about everything that happened. Every now and then it just hits me. Sometimes, it takes days for me to get over it…"

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